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IT'z® duct tape?

IT'z duct tape, the most versatile tape, now available in the most beautiful colours with the most fun motifs. This is where you can learn how to make the most beautiful creations and decorations using IT'z duct tape. You can also find endless applications and possibilities on Google, YouTube and Facebook. IT'z to create & decorate! Our duct tape is waterproof, easy to remove and heat-resistant up to 90ºC.

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Curious about how to make a IT'z duct tape wallet?
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Lief! Blue Star

Item-number: 46
48 mm x 10 mtr

IT'z duct tape patterns


Lief! Pink Girl

Item-number: 42
48 mm x 10 mtr

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Lief! Mint Green

Item-number: 43
48 mm x 10 mtr

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